Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Horseback Riding

There are horses in the pasture next to MeMe & Pop's house. Chandler has told us that Grandma bought her one of those horses & that its name is Crystal Grace something or other. It is funny to hear her talk about it.

Anyway, the kids got to ride the horses the other day. THANKS GRANDMA for arranging it!!
I thought Chandler would be scared, but she wasn't a bit!! Now, she wants one of her own. GREAT!!

Cheney enjoyed it.

This horse is very old, but Chandler rode him bareback.


Grandma said...

Glad you kids were able to ride the horses. Grandma had a horse when she was a young girl, but I had to take care of it by myself. Named "Smokey". It was so much fun.

Krystyn said...

Sure looks like they had a great time!

PS You might want to check your feed from me...you might need to re follow..it's acting funny!