Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saddle River Ranch Musical

Cheney was asked to play a role in this year's VBS musical. The theme for VBS was Saddle River Ranch. I thought it was great that they asked Cheney but I was a little nervous because he had NEVER taken part in such a big production. He has had a little speaking role here or there, but nothing like this before. Practice was every day for about 2 hours for about 2 weeks--that is a big committment. Once again, he impressed me with his ability. He knew every line & hardly ever missed a cue. I think he has found something else that he loves to do!!


Getting last minute instructions from the music minister about the wireless mic he was using. I think he was impressed that he got to use a mic like that!!

Cheney played a character whose life was changed when he found Jesus. In this scene, Brandon (Cheney) fell down a cliff & got tangled up in tumbleweed.

A cast picture.....Cheney was really hamming it up for the camera!! It was pretty funny!!


MeMe said...

Despite his retainer, he worked very hard at making sure he could be heard and understood. WOW--his Mom must teach speech. He must get that desire to perform from his Dad--lol

Grandma said...

I thought your program was very good and you did a great job.