Thursday, June 3, 2010

River Time

We love the water! DUH!!
The other night we headed over to the river after work/school. The river was deserted & it was a great relaxing way to end the night. The water was still a little chilly though.
Daddy jumping in with his babies!!

Mommy did join them for a VERY short time.

Pure happiness!!



Nocona said...

My husband was just telling me that summer time makes him miss living in New Braunfels and that we should do more family outings.

Gram said...

What a way to start the summer!! Hanging out at the pool all Memorial weekend and then the river the next night. Cheney is officially to summer now. (Sorry, Chandler and Lisa have to wait till this time tomorrow.)

MeMe said...

What could be a better sight--kids having fun with their parents. Pure joy.

grandpa mitch said...

Welcome to the lake! Come anytime, just don't scare off my pet gator living under the dock!