Monday, June 14, 2010

Millionaire Club

I know I am a little behind.....I don't know what is happening to me. I haven't gotten on a schedule at all this summer. I will work on that soon!!

The last day of school was Cheney's awards ceremony. MeMe was able to attend. Cheney was honored as a Millionaire. This means he read 1 Million words this year. Some people have asked how they know he read that many words--they read a book, then take a test online. The books are categorized by difficulty. Each child has an account and statistics are kept all year. It is called Accelerated Reader. The fabulous thing about Cheney being in the Millionaire Club....he was the ONLY 2nd grader to achieve this and there was only one 3rd grader. In fact, the Million Word Club was not even advertised to 2nd graders because they usually don't read that many words.
Because 2nd graders rarely achieve this level of reading, there were no prizes set up. So, a teacher told her husband about what Cheney did and his company bought Cheney a MP3 player and an ITunes gift card. Isn't that cool?? He was so excited and his Mama is very proud!!


MeMe said...

What an honor you allowed me to share with you. Thank you, Cheney. I was so proud to be your MeMe and have everyone tell me how smart and funny you are. You are a great person--love to call you my grandson!!!

Jessica said...

Wow! That is so very nice of them to gift him with that. He deserves it! Now let's just hope he doesn't spend too much time with that instead of reading! :)


Grandma said...

Cheney, I am so proud that you are my gr.greatson and get to hear about you through all of my friends. Keep up the good work.