Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kody & The Graduation Party

Konni graduated on Friday night & her party was on Saturday. It is hard to believe that she is 18 now. When Billy's sister married her Daddy, she was about Chandler's age. She told us to call her Princess....not Konni. We have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman--and even though she is not our niece by blood we still feel like she belongs to us.

It was fun to hang out with extended family at the party. Chandler made friend with Konni's cousin, Kody. She is adorable.
They danced a little.

And posed for a picture.

This is Daddy with Nanny Gerry & Aunt Stepheny.


MeMe said...

Family and celebrations!!

Nocona said...

Your so good about posting family picutres.