Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons 2010

Yes, I know my kids can swim. Yes, they still take swimming lessons each year. I want them to learn how to do all the strokes & will encourage them to be a part of a swim team soon. The closest team practices about 20 minutes away so it will be a committment for us, but I will make it if they want to do it. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made when I was part of the swim team in my neighborhood. This year, they took private lessons. They loved it!!

Cheney has a pretty good freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. This year, he learned the butterfly. He is doing pretty good with it. I know it was the hardest stroke I ever learned. Also, he learned how to dive in the pool for a race & to do a turn underwater. His teacher thinks he definitely needs to be a part of the swim team!! She is ready to go watch him win!!

Chandler learned the breaststroke (but she calls it the frog stroke) & has a pretty good freestyle. Also, she learned how to dive off the diving board. Her teacher was super-impressed with how well she swims. Her favorite part of swimming lessons? There was slide....she thinks MeMe & Pop need a slide!!

Looking good

She had a ball on the slide!!

Working on the backstroke....he does this pretty well & I am impressed because it was not my favorite.

Working on her dive!!


MeMe said...

I am SO proud of these 2 little fish. Yes, swim team was so exciting when Lisa and Jeff were little. I would love to be able to watch C&C repeat this fun competition. I have a cute pic of L&J in their swimteam suits. Wouldn't that be fun to post??

Jocelyn said...

Great job, C&C!

Grandma said...

Doing great kids. Keep up the good work.