Monday, February 2, 2009

Adventures With Chandler

I know that I have mentioned Chandler's silly personality many times here, but she continues to crack me up is always an adventure with her. Sunday afternoon was no disappointment either!!
She got upset that her Bubba & Daddy were being too loud & wouldn't share the she just moved herself--to the tiny area by the freezer. She told me to be quiet....she was trying to sleep!!

Then, monsters were getting her so she built a "wall"--using her toys & the paper shredder!!

This is what happens when you give Chandler the camera!!
Like I said, each day is an adventure!! WE LOVE YOU, SILLY GIRL!!


Laci said...

Ily is goofy just like that. I bet they would make great friends!

Tammy said...

Whatever would we do without goofy Chandler? Good thing everyone just loves her to pieces! She's so much fun!

MeMe said...

Chandler, you are a silly, but lovable, little girl. Stay that way.

Gram said...

What an imagination!