Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Masterpiece

Many of you remember Chandler's birthday cake from 2008. MeMe really outdid herself with that one.
This year, Chandler wanted to have a ballerina birthday party. Tammy took her picture to make exquisite personalized invitations. MeMe hand stamped each invitation and envelope. Daddy tied each bow.
Once again, MeMe made an awesome cake!!

The "extra" cake was Chandler's favorite though. It was strawberry.

I will have more pictures of her birthday party later. She was so cute!


Laci said...

Aww! That is too cute. Hope she had a great party! Love the cake!!

MeMe said...

Dream Big, Little Ballerina. I love you.

Jessica said...


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Chandler! I always love seeing what Meme will create next! CUTE pictures, especially that last one!!! Thanks for letting us be part of your celebration!

Gram said...

What a model! Does a little cake inspire you?