Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chandler's Special Day

Chandler had a fantastic birthday!! She was so proud to tell people that she was "Free!"
Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry sent Chandler this shirt last year & she was able to wear it again this year!!

After dinner at Chili's, we came back to our house for Strawberry Shortcake & presents!! Mommy & Daddy got Chandler a pretty bookshelf for her room.

Cheney is such a great big brother!! He read the birthday cards to Chandler. Yes, she isn't wearing pants. Apparently, pants just aren't comfortable at our house right now!!
Opening Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry's card

WOO HOO!! Thanks Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry!! A FANCY NANCY book.....we can't wait to read it.


Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry sent a beautiful dress.

Chandler had a great birthday. Her party is on Saturday so there will be more pictures to come!!


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Chandler! You are such a doll! See you Saturday!

MeMe said...

I am so glad you are "free". You are an extra special little girl--growing up so fast.

jahnsgang said...

Haapy Birthday Chandler, I think we have the same book shelf.

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday, sweet Chandler!

And, now I want some Chili's!

Grandpa said...

We had a great time last night. Thanks for inviting us to your party and thanks for the Star-Burst!
Love you,
Uncle Mitch

Oh yeah, put your pants on, girl!

Gram said...

What a difference a year makes! Since you don't like pants too much now, maybe you could start wearing some of the dresses you got for your birthday.

Grandma said...

I enjoyed your birthday party. You are Grandma's big 3 year old.