Sunday, June 1, 2008


In church today, Uncle Mitch used the kids to re-enact the story of Zacchaeus. This was impromptu and he asked Cheney to play the part of Zacchaeus. He wanted Cheney to look mean, but it was so hard. For the most part, Cheney had this big grin on his face!! I didn't notice how he was standing until I looked at the pictures--Did I miss something? He looks like a big guy standing up there.

Just so you know, Cheney was extremely impressed tonight when the table of teenagers at CiCi's said "Cool hair, dude." I overheard them making plans to go home and cut their hair!!


MeMe said...

You are so right! Being in the first grade must be what makes him so grown-up looking.

Grandma said...

I like your hair cut. It is fun to do something different as long as you are not breaking any rules. Besides it will grow out pretty soon and you can get a burr cut.