Thursday, October 16, 2008

Homecoming 2008 Parade & Pep Rally

That is the theme for Homecoming this year. We have a door decorating contest each year. After 10 years of participating, my door WON the contest last year. This year....well, it is cool, but it just isn't as cool. My creative kiddos came up with the idea of taking the Guns N' Roses logo & making it into a Seguin Matador logo. I knew the perfect person for that job....Thanks Tammy, you rock!!

This is my door. Judging was this afternoon & they announce the winners tomorrow night during the game.

Today's theme was "Find Your Pack." You were supposed to match....I told my 4th period kids I was wearing purple & they could match me if they here is our pack!! This is Rebecca, Terrell, Me, Meaghan, and Nick. Daniel is being silly in the background....

This evening was the Homcoming Parade....We headed over to our "usual" spot to watch...and we found our "usual" friends--Micayla & Justin!!

J-Man is such a silly boy!!

Mommy & Chandler were ready for the was a little chilly for us tonight!

MeMe & Chandler

Here is the whole group...the Daddies were all at church tonight so it was GIRLS NIGHT!!

My former student, Samantha, joined us at tonight. We had fun!!

Me & My Girl!

MeMe & her silly boy!!

The traditional BURNING gives me chill bumps every year!!

Singing the school song

Cheney & Mariah (Samantha's daughter). Apparently Mariah sees Cheney at school often & he won't talk to her. Today she saw him & hugged him....he was embarrassed when we talked about it. One day, he won't be embarrassed...but I can wait ALL DAY FOR THAT!!

Check back later for pictures from the big game!!


MeMe said...

I love this Matador tradition of the parade and evening pep rally. I agree--the "burning M" is awesome.

Tammy said...

You're welcome, Lisa! You always send me fun projects to work on.

I always enjoy the parade and pep rally and I have to admit the burning M is my favorite part.

Kristen said...

It looks like so much fun!!

Great pictures you took, and I just love the one with MeMe helping the kids sing the fight song! Too cute!!

Hope your door wins!

Grandma said...

Looks like you had fun at the parade. I sure hope the Matadors win on this Homecoming Night.

Jessica Elizabeth said...

I haven't seen Justin & Micayla in FOREVER! They've gotten SO big! Glad y'all had fun! I was there watching my little sister with MiniMats! They did GREAT!

Anonymous said...

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